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Our mission is first and foremost to help you achieve your goals. That’s why the needs of our customers and our availability to answer all your questions are of the outmost importance to us. So here are some important points that will shed more light on our Sarms.

First, SARM is short for “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators”. It’s a set of compounds that targets androgen receptors selective in muscles, bones, connective tissue, body fat, brain tissue and nerves, without the inconvenience of anabolic steroids side effects. The unwanted side effects of anabolic steroids are due to the fact that they are not selective and that they act on a set of tissues and organs. They cause changes in several hormones, sexual functions and more essential body functions. In fact, they give you 50% of benefits for 50% of damage. In order to diminish the inconvenience of steroids, various supplements should be taken, such as liver protection ones. The Sarms, on the other hand, exercise a selective and specific action on body tissue to create the desired results. They then spare the other non-targeted organs such as liver and prostate by attaching only to tissue cells, muscle and bone.


We are proud to offer the best Sarms on the market with an exceptional 99% concentration, providing double the potency without additional cost, verified by a third-party test for 99% purity as of November 2023.

Here is the list of our certificat (pdf download):

S-4 – Andarine

MK-677 – Ibutamoren

MK-2866 – Ostarine

GW-501516 – Cardarine

RAD-140 – Testolone

LGD-4033 – Ligandrol

Sarms are oral active compounds that can be swallowed either with water, juice or a protein smoothie. Otherwise, the liquid can be kept under the tongue for some time, because all of our products are highly bioavailable. It is important to properly shake the product before use and to take it 15 minutes before eating or 15 minutes before a workout. During rest days, you should take it approximately at the same time as you do on training days.


All Sarms laboratory products are dosed in accordingly with research that has been done on them. The recommended dose is 0.5ml per day for women, and 1ml per day for men. On the other hand, if you notice that with 1ml you do not have the desired results, a slight increase of 0.5ml may be possible. Some of our products such as “SR- 9009” and “S4” can be taken several times throughout the day, because they are effective for 6 hours in the blood. They can therefore be divided into 2 doses per day (morning and evening). “Hyper Lean” can also be divided into 2 or 3 doses with, preferably, 4 hours between each dose. As for the products “RAD-140”, “YK-11”, “MK-2866” and “LGD-4033”, a post-cycle diet (ZMA, Tribulus or Tongkat Ali) may be necessary after 3 months of use because after a while, the chances of testosterone suppression can be increased. In addition, the pipette of the bottle is graduated, which facilitates the taking of the product. Finally, it is important to clarify that Sarms do not usually cause any unwanted side effects, but if doses are not respected, harmful effects may occur. Like anything, it’s never good to take too much and the result won’t be any greater.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to guide you in your needs with the Sarms.

Yes, you can take our products in conjunction with pre-workout supplements, creatine or others, because they act on different areas of the body and the Sarms act directly on the androgen receptors. In addition, since the Sarms aren’t stimulants, no harmful effects will be created. Besides, hormone boosters’ ingredients work to increase testosterone levels that Sarms don’t target directly. Supplements can therefore work optimally with Sarms and complement each other well. Amino acid supplements, meanwhile, replace what has been used in the body during effort and help overall recovery. These supplements therefore work in synergy with Sarms.


Some people will feel the effects almost instantly, especially those who have trained on a regular basis and activated the androgen receptors in the muscle over time. The results will actually be faster in people who haven’t trained for a long time. Moreover, for the majority of researchers, the results are visible within 1 or 2 weeks with a revealing increase in body and performance.



Sarms are legal and everyone is legally entitled to make their own research with these compounds. However, these products are not designed to treat any illness or medical condition. In addition, it is very important to be careful and well inquired about the provenance and reputation of where you buy Sarms, because many people falsely claim to sell good quality products on the Internet. Several sellers cut their products and put the wrong dosage, making us believe that it is a good product. In fact, products sold on the Internet have been tested by a group of researchers and only 52% were genuinely Sarms. At Sarms Revolution Lab, the price may seem high to some at first glance, but it is amply justified by a remarkable quality and high dosage. We buy our pure products from a professional having a patent and it is important for us to offer you quality Sarms that will provide optimal results.


First, Sarms can help athletic performance with their ability to improve the cure rate. Indeed, athletes train hard and their evolution in sports depends, among other things, on their body’s ability to recover after training. Sarms not only help to get better muscle healing, but also optimal protection against injuries, which is a major help for athletes. The Sarms improve the strength of connective tissues such as joints, tendons and ligaments in conjunction with physical training. So obviously, by having stronger joints, ligaments and tendons, the risk of injury is greatly reduced, especially if you choose to do an adequate stretching and recovery session. Sarms therefore bring power, strength and endurance to the body, which allows to continue physical efforts with better performance. Sarms are good, but don’t forget to eat well. All athletes will confirm this, every process begins with adequate nutrition. Good nutrition is particularly essential throughout training to support the body effectively following any effort. In addition, it is equally important to eat meals at the right time during the day. And what about the importance of drinking lots of water! It is essential to be well hydrated during the day. The Sarms are great products, but without proper nutrition and hydration, the body will not act optimally.


Yes, it is possible to travel with your products, these are your own personal supplements in addition to being in 30ml bottles, a reasonable travel size. If you keep the products in a toiletry bag, you can travel with the Sarms without problem.

Within Canada, the delivery time is 2 to 5 working days. For international deliveries, it’s 5 to 7 working days. The payment methods we accept are: E-Transfer (Interac) and CREDIT CARD


At first, Sarms are used to help the body quickly burn more fat and produce significant muscle gains. The body’s natural strength is also improved in addition to achieving good overall health. One of the most popular Sarm for researchers, the “GW-501516”, for example, allows muscles to work stronger and longer while accelerating the melting of fat. The “MK-2866”, on the other hand, has an exceptional ability to increase lean muscle mass while being able to decrease muscle wasting and other disadvantages associated with muscle wasting. The Sarms all have different specificities, but they all have the advantage of preventing the muscle wasting by helping to maintain the muscles acquired during the training sessions and getting hard, defined muscles. Furthermore, we have some of the most optimal combination kits on our online store to help users obtain greater results.

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